Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Story Of April Fools Day.

I don't have any mischief planned for this year's April Fool's Day, but I do have a good story about a previous prank.

One year- Mom decided to give the old padded and broken toilet seat one last thrill before it got thrown in the trash. Giggling, I'm sure, she sprayed the seat with a layer of spray adhesive.

She sat patiently waiting in the kitchen for her first victim. Finally my unsuspecting little sister emerged groggily from her bedroom half asleep.

Little Laura closed the bathroom door, and my mom rushed to hear what she had been waiting for all morning. YELP! THUNK! Laura screeched as the toilet seat peeled off her bare butt and clunked back down to the bowl. Falling over with laughter- Mom had just pulled off the best April fool's day joke our household had ever seen.

Luckily, I came down shortly after, just in time to witness the tail end of the prank, and did not become a victim of my Mom's prank myself.

Happy April Fool's Day! Hope you don't get glued to the bowl!


ndlwknmama said...

Your turn is coming... :)

sassyglassdesigns said...

Too mother loved practical jokes also. On Easter Sunday my dad always cracked his hard-boiled egg on his forehead and my brother and I would giggle with glee. One year Mom decided NOT to boil the egg...I guess we gave ourselves away because Daddy didn't use his head (literally); he cracked it on the side of the plate...he didn't think it was too funny!

KMJewelryStudio said...

Ha! Thanks for sharing!

Laura said...

Baha. Well. You'd better watch out or else my butt won't be the only one that knows spray adhesive...