Thursday, July 10, 2008

Funny Story....

So- I had been looking forward to studio Thursday since studio Monday. I was getting my metalsmithing groove on today with a bunch of solder jobs. I ran out of solder, so I cut some fresh pallions to use on the new earrings that I am making for my show.

I was on a roll all morning, but all of a sudden my beautiful solder seems just wouldn't flow. My metal was starting to fry, but the dang bit of solder wouldn't budge. My joints were clean and fitted perfectly. Red hot silver +no flow= blue smoke &%@#!

Then I realized I had cut up my sterling silver wire, instead of my argentium hard solder. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

All was not lost, I was able to salvage most of my pieces. Luckily, my brain kicked back on right before I tried to solder the challenging pendant I've been giddy about all week. With that goof up corrected, I'm now looking forward to studio Sunday. We'll see what I get myself into then.


Copperheart said...

The same thing happened to a guy I went to school with. We all spent days trying to figure out what was going wrong. It was so funny when he finally figured it out :)

eliza k. mundy said...

I've totally done the same thing. For some reason I'm most inspired to work in the wee hours of the night and all the wire seems to blend together when it's that late. I've now decided to stick to sheet solder and it's been all good ever since. HA!