Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bits and Baubles

My saw blades have been sawing, my files have been filing and hammers hammering. It's so exciting to start off making bits and baubles that seem so un-beautiful and assemble them into polished, finished creations that make a pair of aching hands proud.
I've been so busy cutting shapes, soldering components and filing rough edges. These elements of dull silver will turn out to be eye catching pieces. And these are just a portion of the goodies I've been working on. My jewelry bench is covered in many more partly completed pendants, rings, etc.
I feel as if, with the exception of some "sailor-esque" type words, the sounds of Santa's workshop have been following me- tools at work. This is what makes me tick. When I close my eyes, the only thing I see is the next piece of jewelry I want to make. It's a happy obsession. It all starts with an idea, and some dull silver.

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stacey said...

you have been very busy!