Wednesday, December 10, 2008

One Day At A Time

Tomorrow marks two weeks before Christmas. I have to admit, I've been a stranger from the studio since I set up for my show a little over two weeks ago. I had to take some time to re-coupe. I did a little cleaning, some relaxing, watched the new Indiana Jones movie ( I don't get to sit down and watch movies all that often, and by the way, my Dad looks EXACTLY like Harrison Ford.)

I finished my Christmas shopping, and I placed my final order for jewelry supplies at the beginning of the week. I've got a few Christmas gifts to finish up, and two custom pieces to make with the deadline of December 24th. I'm ready to be done with these projects, and have really been thinking about what I can get into after the holidays.

If you can believe it- I've got a whole week off of work between Christmas and New Years. (That never happens.) I'm so excited to have that much time to do whatever my little heart desires. I have high hopes to do major organizing in the house and studio. Chances are, Mike will get me out fishing, and we'll lounge around like logs instead. I hope to be productive, but some lounging couldn't hurt either.

Anyway, I'm getting excited for the holidays, I'm looking forward to have my deadlines met, and can't wait to enjoy a peaceful after-season. And then back to rock the studio- with pictures to follow!

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