Saturday, December 13, 2008

And Then There Are Those Who Do Good.

This morning I was thinking about the busy week I was just about to complete, and everything that had happened in it. In my mind I was recapping the last post I wrote, about how brazen some people can be. And then I remembered Thursday.

Thursday when I got home from work, I made my way to the living room to find my boyfriend sitting on the couch with his boxed up Christmas present. (It's no surprise to him because he helped me pick it out, but I got him his own laptop so he'd quit snagging mine.)

I thought that it was strange to have UPS come after 5:30- because he typically comes around 2. This package needed to be signed for. Well, Mike proceeded to explain that the UPS man delivered the pricey package to the wrong address. A good hearted woman several blocks away signed for my package to ensure it's proper delivery. She stopped at the house while Mike was home to make sure it ended up in the right hands.

I am thankful to her, and will be delivering a note, along with a handmade silver something for her honesty.

Ultimately- we should be grateful for our family, friends and health. There are so many things that can make the holiday season stressful. But it warms me to know that during the whirlwind of December- someone was selfless, and took the time and opportunity to be kind to a stranger.

Thank you to the woman at the other 44. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

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Sayo said...

thats nice to hear. I have a (sort of) similar story... a few days ago, my mom came to visit me. She called me from the bathroom at the airport to say that she was changing and then shed be on her way. About 10 minutes later, a woman called me from my moms phone to ask who it belonged to. My mom had left it in the bathroom! The woman stayed with the phone for at least a half an hour, my mom had already left so she wasn't responding to her pages, and the lady didn't feel comfortable just leaving it with an airport employee. I finally convinced her that it would be alright and she really could leave the airport. My mom got her phone back thanks to the kindness of a total stranger:)