Thursday, February 5, 2009

Steve Martin On The Banjo

The perfect 10 minutes of entertainment fell on my way home from work. NPR's Melissa Block reported on the lesser known side of comedian/ actor Steve Martin. He started playing the banjo at age 17, and truly has a passion for it. He writes his own music and just came out with a CD called The Crow. On it he plays both the three finger picking style AND clawhammer! I couldn't believe it! Listen to the interview here - Steve Martin: Comedian Takes Banjo Seriously

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Laura said...

HI there!
You are on to something! I LOVE Steve Martins' banjo playing- very talented. I have him on my ITunes in my studio- some old comedy skits, including the banjo- it's such fun to listen to while creating- keeps things light and moving along!
You're work is beautiful, I'm glad you are following my blog, and I would love to follow yours also ;>
Laura Guptill