Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Making a Trade

I normally don't do custom work because of my limited time in the studio, but I just had to make a trade with my sister-in-law for some of her beautiful labordorite earrings that she makes. I wanted a special gift for my Grandma, and she wanted a special gift for a good friend of hers, so I agreed, and here I go!

I'm making a pendant with an elephant on the back with this beautiful stone. It's some sort of jasper...but I forget what kind. (It's one of the millions of jaspers out there). Anyway, It's getting started today, I'll post the end product when I'm done.


Diane said...

Can't wait to see what you are up to! This is fascinating to me-have strung some beads and bought the tool to knot between pearls but what you are doing must take a dangerous torch or something. Can you tell about the process or maybe I missed that blog................thanks for sharing!

KMJewelryStudio said...

Sure! It's a bunch of different techniques, basically for this pendant, i'll use a jeweler's saw to cut out the elephant pattern in silver. Then I solder a rim of silver to the base which will hold the stone. I trim the excess metal, solder on a bail and then polish it up. It's similar to quilting...but instead of thread and needle, we use torch and solder! I have older posts with some pictures of my studio. I can post more in the future too.