Monday, May 19, 2008

More Progress In The Studio!

I got to work in my studio all day this past Thursday and made some headway on a few pieces. Here is the coral pendant in progress. All of the stone setting components have been soldered in place. I have a silver bezel for the main cabochon and a 14 karat bezel for a fossil coral. There are two 14 karat prongs to hold another fossil coral. The excess silver around the pendant has since been cut and filed, and I just need to finish the bail before I can start setting the coral.

Above are some more of the pieces I had time to assemble. The first is a simple wire ring with two large prongs to hold a fossil embedded with quartz crystals. Mike and I found this fossil on our dig last week. The second ring is for a green ocean jasper. It has granules of silver soldered to one side of the bezel where the shank begins. The last ring will hold a bullet-shaped, fluorite tiffany opal. The bezel has a silver round wire lining and the shank is formed from square wire. Once the pieces are finished and the stones are set, more pictures will be posted.

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