Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Using Up Some Rocks!

Now that I've finally finished the jasper pendant, I've got some ideas for my new cabochons. The first piece will be an all coral pendant in silver and 14 karat yellow gold. The oval coral cab is from the gem show this past weekend, and the two fossil corals were found by my boyfriend and I on our fossil dig. The cab will be bezel set with silver, and the two fossils will be set in 14 karat gold. These golden elements will match the color of the sunbursts embedded in the prehistoric cabochon. The bail is going to be a short length of silver tubing, possibly with the ends flared out to mimic the shape of the horizontal fossil. The bail will have some gold embellishments to tie it in with the rest of the pendant. ...We'll see how this piece evolves!

Another design I've had in mind is reserved for this deep blue lapis. This lapis will be set into a ring with a silver bezel. Additional silver elements will be formed and soldered around the corners of the stone. 14 karat yellow gold tubing will be soldered at each corner, and also east and west of the lapis. I'm planning to cap the tubes with small round diamonds (approximately .02ct each). Lets hope I don't mess this one up! These two pieces are just two examples of the many projects waiting for me to tackle. Many drawings, stones and metal bits are laid out on my bench anxiously waiting for me to get working!


Rosebud Collection said...

Beautiful and more beautiful..
What a great job you did..

KMJewelryStudio said...

Oh it's not done..just laid out how I will assemble it. I'll post the finished piece if all goes well.