Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day At The Gem Show

So lucky am I to have a Mother who loves what I do. For Mother's day, my Mom wanted to join my sister, boyfriend and I on our trip to the gem show that was in town this weekend. They are all good company when picking out stones for upcoming projects. We spent the day browsing cabochons and buying way too much! We found some incredible stones and the prices were pretty good too!

Above are the ocean jasper cabochons that we picked. I have made a few pieces from ocean jasper in the past, and it seems that people always notice it. So I thought I would stock up. I will be set for a long long time!

The stones above are some of the more unique specimins we found. Wood agate opal, fossilized coral, portrait jasper are just a few of the pieces shown. I will be very busy with these, and can't wait to get in my studio to start working on new jewelry.

This last image is a beautiful blue labordorite that I bought for my Grandma. She has been hinting for a piece of jewelry set with labordorite for a little while, and I thought that this stone was absolutley perfect for her. Her birthday is in September, so maybe I'll have a finished piece for her to open up!


Sue said...

I love the shield-shaped one with the orange spots at the top of it! Stunning!

Catherine Chandler said...

droooool....oh how I love stones.