Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Coral Fossil Pendant, And Then Some

I finished the coral pendant I was working on. It turned out very well in my opinion. The majority of the pendant is argentium sterling silver with accents of 14 karat yellow gold. The center is a coral cabochon, and the two bottom pieces were found by Mike and I on our fossil explorations. I have the pendant displayed on a rubber cord, but I'm not sure if that is what I'll keep it on.

The second accomplishment I am excited to post is a pair of delicate garnet earrings that were composed of scrap silver I had laying around. At one point I had roll printed some copper mesh onto sterling silver. This silver now forms the backing of these lovely little earrings. Soldered to the backing of each earring is a circle of round wire shaping the earring. Boldly placed in the center of the patterned circle is a tube-set cabochon garnet. The ear wires were hand made from 22 gauge wire.

I'm still working on the projects I have previously posted. It is very typical for me to start out with 10 pieces and end up with half that turn out successfully.... Alas, I'll keep plugging along and post them when they are just right.

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Catherine Chandler said...

What a beautiful pendant! I love the extra little elements!