Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jiggly Wart Ring.

So here is a silly little ring that I had a lot of fun making. It is all fabricated from sterling silver.

The main body was formed from a segment of tubing which I flared open on each end. I soldered some wart-like features to the center of the piece and filled it with balled up lengths of wire. Five of the wiggly-wire legs are oxidized black and one was left silver, just to mix things up.

The jiggly little legs are free to slide back and forth. It's fun on your finger, and reminds me of an Ugly Doll, a Jim Henson Muppet...and a Tim Burton-esque bow tie.

The shank is lemon- shaped. I like to make the shanks oblong because my rings are typically top-heavy. The ring is put on sideways to get over the knuckle. When it is turned right side up on the finger, it stays in place.

This is what happens when I experiment in the studio. Wierd. I love it though!


Catherine Chandler said...

I love this! Boy I sure am glad you emailed me....what a great way to connect with other metalsmiths! You are truly talented :)

Copperheart said...

what an unusual little ring! I love it.