Monday, June 16, 2008

Superhero Cleavage ring

Sometimes- er, many times, while I'm working in the studio I do things without a plan. I'll sketch out one big project and have great drawings and diagrams for the construction process, and then work on a bunch of fun fiddly pieces on the side. I've always got about 3 or 4 pieces in the works- at least. These little experiments are just a way to explore my materials, and maybe challenge myself without the pressure of making the exact piece I intended to.

Well, this ring was one of those. My superhero cleavage ring was a sibling of the jiggly wart ring I had previously posted. I started out with the same body, and had two pink stones I wanted to use up. I started playing with the design and it ended up looking like the bust of a well-endowed superhero.

Poor girl, they're spaced a bit far apart, but her stones are lovely.

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