Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Enameling Workshop!

As a result of purchasing my enameling kiln, I decided I'd like to brush up on some techniques that I've learned. I started doing some research on classes and workshops available in my area. I thought I'd find a handful of options offered throughout the year.  Instead, I found one. One workshop in western New York for the entire year. And it's THIS weekend.

At first I thought it would be impossible to attend with no money saved up. And then I contacted the coordinator of the event. She was able to work with me on the price, along with allowing me to make several installments to pay for the weekend.

The workshop is three days long, and will be offered by the Oatka School of Glass in Batavia, New York.  It will be taught by enamelist Katharine S. Wood. Her work is published in the book "The Art of Fine Enameling". She has been working with enamels for over 20 years. She does all types of enameling, however, she specializes in the technique called champleve'. This combines acid etching and enameling. Both are my current focus.

I cant wait! I am certain that this workshop will help me to improve my skills, expand my knowledge of enameling, and give me great inspiration and motivation to move forward with my work!


Anonymous said...

Hope Kathy has inspired you as much as she inspires me. Hope to see you one day at the 92nd St Y where Kathy teaches on a regular basis. The group of students are great and we have a good time.
Regina Rose Malone

KMJewelryStudio said...

Thank you Regina! Kathy was a huge inspiration and provided me with an incredible review of enameling. She also taught me many new things. I really hope I get a chance to work with her again!