Thursday, October 1, 2009

Blog List

I love what I do and I'm very passionate about it. I love every part of the creative process for the most part. And I really enjoy seeing what other people in my field are doing with their own creative processes.

The ONLY downside to having a home studio would be the lack of interaction I have with other metalsmiths and jewelry artists. I often miss the creative banter that I used to have between my classmates/professors and I when I was in college.

One way I remedy this is to keep a blog list of the many artists in my field. I read fellow artist's blogs from around the world, keeping track of the projects they're working on. It is such a wonderful tool for interacting. Right now I follow 150 other artists of many different skill levels. How do I follow 150 artists? I read my blog list every morning and every night. Approximately 10-15 short blogs per sitting. Most people don't post on a daily basis so it is pretty easy to keep up with every one's blogs.

I consider these people to be my co-workers, and in some cases friends. People working towards a similar goal. Some might view them as competitors, but I don't see it that way. The only way I can improve as an artist is to have some sort of insight on what other people are doing with their craft. It is very important that I stay connected with the design world.

Of course you already know that this is what a blog list is for, but I'd like point out the blogs that I read. If you read and enjoy my blog, please take a look at my blog list and skim through the other artists that I enjoy reading about. If you have suggestions for more blogs that i don't currently follow please let me know! I'm always looking!

Thanks for reading my blog- but moreover thanks for posting. I'm very appreciative for your company in the studio.


Simbelmyne said...

Thank you for the long and informative blog roll! The world would be a lonely place without the internet

sassyglassdesigns said...

Great post...I would love to have more co-workers close at hand but the internet helps keep us connected. Thanks for your blog list.

jenna said...

Funny that I should stumble across this post as I was doing exactly the same thing---seeking out other jewelry artists to see what's going on in their studios! :) I'll definitely have to peek through your blog list!