Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Photo Booth!

The jewelry store that I manage is getting a new website shortly, and all of our inventory needs to be photographed so it can be put online. Sooooo, my boss had me order a photo tent so we can have professional pictures taken.

Here's the fun part. Once the photos are taken for the website, there's not much room in the store to keep this mammoth tent set up. He told me I could take the whole getup home and use it for my own jewelry! How cool is that?!

Below is the old booth that I was using (well, actually, this is the one my professor uses, mine is a little bit more primitive). While it took some pretty decent pictures, I'm really looking forward to seeing what the new booth can do. So far the images taken for work look pretty impressive! I could see the oil smudge from my finger prints in perfect focus on a ring I photographed! The lighting that came with the tent is great and the tent does a wonderful job of diffusing hot spots!

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