Sunday, October 4, 2009

JEMKohl Memorial Fishing Tournament

Today was day one of the 2009 JEMKohl memorial fishing tournament. This annual tournament was started by my husband to remember his late mother. Every year, we gather some friends to go fishing (this year is going to be a two day tourney). The rules always vary. We usually come up with a new point system to determine the winner of the tournament... biggest fish, most fish, most species of fish.

This year, due to the tournament being two days long, we kept it simple and decided that the winner would just have to catch the biggest salmon- since it is salmon season after all.

So far, Mike is in the lead with a 20 lb salmon. He caught two salmon today. Our friend Sue and I each caught one steelhead. Both were beautifully colored fish!

We all enjoyed a relaxing day on the Niagara river with captain Frank Campbell. If you are ever in Western New York visiting Niagara Falls, be sure to book a fishing trip with Captain Frank. He's great company, and an expert guide. Check out the website that my husband Mike and our friends Garrett and Sue created for him!

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