Monday, October 20, 2008

Sweet Peas In Mid October?!

Just one more post for the year about my sweet peas. I was so excited watching them sprout this spring, and it seems like they just wont quit! We've had several frosts here in western New York, and these beauties keep blooming. I think it's because they're protected by the house a bit, but it's still very nice to have their fresh smell in the kitchen in October! I plucked them this morning because tomorrow's forecast calls for flurries. I'm not sure if they'll make it through that, so I'll enjoy these very much while they last.
The handsome cat in the photo is Graycliff, one of our devon rex kids.

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Anonymous said...


My name is Ingrid. I work for the Graycliff Conservancy, in Derby New York. I was wonding if the name of your cat has any connection with us, or Frank Lloyd Wright. Please e-mail me back at Thank you.