Saturday, October 18, 2008

Weekend Plans!

My weekends start at 3pm on Saturdays after work, and today after work, I'll be heading down to mike's sister's house for a little get together. It sounds like a good time. I don't get out too much, so it will be a nice break from the norm.

I'm really looking forward to Sunday though. I'll start my day waking up to the sunshine instead of the alarm clock. Have my morning pup snuggle with Milo, and then at my leisure get into the studio groove. I've got some great motivation stored up to get a chunk of inventory made.

Mike has been getting really into the lapidary aspect of jewelry. He comes from a family that has great interest in making jewelry- and I believe with my studio endeavors, he's become quite addicted to cabochons. He and I will be laying out a spot in the basement for him to play around with cabbing. What a man! I really lucked out finding someone so supportive with what I do- and now he's caught the bug!

Oh! and I just signed up for the new Ganoksin blog. I just transferred this blog to their site. It is a site for blogs that focus on jewelry, and a great way to network with other jewelers! My posts from blogger will be duplicated to the Ganoksin blog. (However, the layout on blogger is more visually appealing). We'll see how it goes though. I hope to meet some new jewelers and read about some fantastic jewelry and hopefully techniques!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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