Monday, October 6, 2008


Today was a very productive day, however, I don't have anything to show for it-yet.

One the upside, I got filters and a spindle ordered for my new polishing motors and dust collector. I ordered all of the supplies I have been in need of from Rio Grande-including abrasive wheels for the polishing motors, drill bits for the quick change hand piece that doesn't fit my old bits, silver sheet and wire (that I really did need-but ordered more than I should have because silver is only $11 big ones an ounce...also on the upside)

On the downside, I really broke the bank.

On the upside- I'll be able to finally start and finish everything at home now.

On the downside, a show that I had applied to was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. It was a Christmas show at a local historical mansion. It would have been a good one.

On the upside, I applied to do the Christmas show at Fisher-Price. I'll be the fanciest shmanciest crafter in the whole darn place.

On the downside, that's just an opinion. It helps my self esteem.

On the upside, I finally figured out what to do for my big necklace piece that I'm working on. I Finished the waxes and delivered them to my casting co. and they'll be done on Thursday!

On the upside, I played my banjo homework perfectly.

On the downside, when I went to record it, I got fumble fingers- and after 50 times of getting halfway through my song I decided to give my poor boyfriend's ears a break.

On the upside, I got in a lot of extra practice for the day.

So, you see- today was a very productive day. I feel very good about what I got done, I also feel panicky, anxious, excited, sick, giddy, and relieved about my big orders. It took a lot of self convincing to swallow my plate of brussel sprouts and invest in the tools and supplies I've been needing. (Of course, now that I broke the bank, I'll gladly take that plate of brussel sprouts without a single complaint. I promise. At least until I pay off the goods. Then you can take your sprouts and scram!)

On the upside, tonight any anxiety, worry, panic, fears, and doubts that I have will be gone when I bury my face in this guy's gigantic buttery soft ears-and go to sleep.


ndlwknmama said...

Great post Katie! Adorable picture of Milo. Here's to ups and downs!

ndlwknmama said...

I can't wait to see your stuff on Thursday!

KMJewelryStudio said...

Thanks Mom :)

Janice said...

HA! What a great post!! I love your sense of humor. Keep pushing and it will all be worth it! I may have to put my entire family on brussel sprouts (ew) or maybe just bread and water for a while....