Monday, November 24, 2008

5th Annual JEMKohl Memorial Fishing Tournament

The JEMKohl memorial fishing tournament is a day that Mike sets aside each year to go fishing in remembrance of his mother. This year he wanted to go fishing in the lower Niagara river with me, and our good friend Sue. He booked a charter with Captain Frank Campbell, one of the most praised captains on the river.
Here are the results:

Katie "The Spanker" Miess
1st Place with 24 points
Steelhead x 3 = 3
Smallmouth Bass x 1 = 1
Lake Trout x 5 = 10
Brown Trout x 1 = 3
* Most Fish (10) Bonus = 3
* Most Species (4) Bonus = 4

Sue "Barfy" Rusch
2nd Place with 13 points
Steelhead x 2 = 2
Lake Trout x 3 = 6
* Largest Fish (12lbs 4 oz) Bonus = 5

Mike "Camera Man" Kohlhagen
3rd Place with 8 points
Lake Trout x 3 = 6
* First Fish Bonus = 2
Frank took us up to Devil's hole to start our tournament. We traveled up river between the Canadian and US power plants, to where the rapids from Niagara Falls, and the Whirlpool are still very evident.
We fished from devil's hole down to Art Park, and then made our way to the opening of Lake Ontario to fish the ledge where the fish hang out. We got to see some beautiful houses facing the river, along with Fort Niagara, which is a pretty impressive sight.
Mike, Sue and I had a great time. We love going fishing with Captain Frank. He has a wonderful sense of humor, and we can razz him while he teases us right back. The day will be a great memory for all of us, and Mike's Mom would have been proud of all our beautiful fish.
Sue and I posed with our Captain Frank as the winners of the tournament

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