Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Oh Happy Day.

Today is a good day.

Even though I missed my monthly banjo progress report (very bad since I'm only on month 2)... but I've been getting ready for a show next week, and between the long hours in the studio and battered fingertips, I think I have good enough reasons to put it off until things slow down.

I don't have any jewelry photos yet, I've just had my nose to the bench. My tunnel vision can get pretty serious sometimes. Tonight I took a break from the studio. I'm starting to feel the physical effects of the "go go go syndrome" (not the cool go go, like with the boots and all).
I ordered two glass display cases and a folding table for my upcoming shows, and feel pretty good about my display. It's very professional looking. Yippee!

I'll be going to bed shortly, after making a list of things to do for tomorrow- when I'll start pushing again. But for now I'm going to relax a bit, and enjoy the day that has been.
Here are some pictures of my pet dragon named Milo. Just spreading some of my happiness around.

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