Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This is Fox.

Mike has four Devon Rex cats. Yup-four. Then I came along with my little doggy, and now there are two humans, and five beasties. That makes...24 legs, 5 tails, and some pretty darn good entertainment.

This is Fox. He's the most rambunctious of the animals. He's very independent compared to the rest of the clan. But he loves being scratched and scrubbed the most (besides Milo, that is).

I had to post these pictures. This little guy is so sleek and trim, but here he looks like a bar bum who's had just a little too much to drink. Good thing he's safe on the couch, and not on a bar stool, 'cause it doesn't look like he'd land on his feet if he fell. I love this guy!

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