Friday, November 28, 2008

Opening Reception!

Ahhh! Tonight was the opening reception for the holiday sale at the Neighborhood Collective. I had my table filled with goodies and saw some pieces find good homes! I got prime real estate for the show, right by the front door, and cashier.

I love to see how people react to my jewelry. I had a man-who had a bit too much to drink, fumbling around with one of my etched pieces. I told him how I made it and he said he really liked it... however, he blatantly told me he didn't care too much for the "jiggly wart pendant" that was displayed on the neck pad. For some reason, I really got a kick out of that. Honesty is a characteristic that I appreciate when it comes to my work. Most people really responded well to that piece, and I sold a smaller version later on!

The show had a great turnout. There were 30 local artists who had work displayed. It was fun to see all of their beautiful work.

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Copperheart said...

Great display! I like how you used the boxes