Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Come on! Big Money, Big Money!

Yesterday I set up for the Christmas show I'm doing at the Annie Adams gallery. My table is in prime location.... first table as you walk in the shop, and right near the cashier. Couldn't have asked for a better spot!

I forgot to take a picture, but I have a festive, but subtle table cloth and runner. All of my goods filled the table! I can't believe how much stuff I've made in the past two months! The director of the show thought my display was really nice. I'm so proud. I had some very good help getting last minute things together. And I'm very very appreciative that I had an extra hand to get this bonanza done!

I'm so happy my table is up...now lets make some money to pay for all that silver!


Janice said...

YAY you!!! Best to you on the show! May the people be plentiful with very heavy pockets!!

KMJewelryStudio said...

Thank you!

Mystery Person said...

happy to help !!!