Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Here I Go!

I sent out my first show application of the year today! I had to do some major preparation because I have never done this type of show before. I needed a photo of my booth, however, I've never had to set one up for the previous shows that I've done.

Soooo, I turned the dining room into my jewelry booth! Complete with my new glass cases, neck pads and earring displays.

The booth looks pretty good for a mock-up, but will definitely need more additions and alterations by the time of the show. I'm hoping this is good for the judges.

For the application, I also had to include a picture of myself working in the studio. This is to prove that all of the work is handmade by me. This is me "at work". :)

Besides getting the application in, I got a list together of all the other shows I'm going to apply for this year. I'm hoping to do 6- if I get accepted. This will be a big challenge for me while working a full time job, but I think I'm up for it!

I also got all of my tax info together! I can't believe how much I've done this week. I'm usually a last minute kind of girl, but I'm having fun being on the ball.

Tomorrow, I'll be photographing some materials so I can finish my application for the 30 minute earrings book. That's an exciting step that I'm looking forward to completing. I don't know if I'll get accepted, but I'm so glad that I'm ready to put more effort into promoting my work!

Wish me luck!


Janice said...

Of course I wish you luck!! And much success!! Booth looks good, just a little bare maybe. You are off to a great start for '09 though - YAY you!! GO GIRL!

KMJewelryStudio said...

I'll be ordering another folding table, and by May will have much more to show. I have a feeling the booth thing will be a constantly evolving project.

Margaux Lange said...

I noticed your exhaust set-up and I've been meaning to upgrade mine for oh, eight years now! I am just finally starting to do the research - I wonder if I could ask your advice about it? If you don't mind sharing can you please email me at: