Friday, January 9, 2009

Meet My New Boss

I went out and bought two calendars yesterday. A new one for my purse to keep on me at all times, and then a GIGANTIC calendar for the fridge. I need the whole year to be on one page so that I can prepare for my endeavors appropriately. No more turning a page, and then- SURPRISE! There is a big deadline in two weeks that got forgotten because it was covered by April.

I filled out all of my yearly obligations...and yes they are all color coded because it's just easier for me to comprehend. Every day has a commitment, weather it is just to practice my banjo , a designated studio day, or a show. I have to stay organized in order to be able to accomplish everything I want to do this year with my jewelry.

My goals are easier to fulfill if they're organized on paper-looking at me in the face every day.

On another note, I signed up to take an online course to learn QuickBooks. (That's on the calendar too).

Only a little over one week into 2009 and I'm moving right along...and looking at my huge calendar-I have a feeling this year is going to fly by really fast.

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Margaux Lange said...

Congratulations! What a great commitment to yourself. I love the idea of having it all laid out for the full year. Deadline creeping happens to me too and often because it's not right there in front of me. I may just need to get myself a year calendar too!