Thursday, January 1, 2009

One Big Task Done.

I had a big dilemma after my first busy Christmas season. What do I do with all the stuff I had to buy for the show? I have two giant glass cases, display pads, and many large boxes of many smaller boxes. All of this was piled in the middle of my studio making it impassable. I went out and got a sturdy shelf, and cleared out a good spot outside of my studio, and set it up. Stacked all the goods on it, leaned my display table and two pedestals next to it and cleared out my studio. I took a deep breath and felt some accomplishment!

Now that I can walk in my studio again, my next task will be to organize the mess that I made getting ready for the holidays. For the most part, all of my tools have a resting place somewhere in the room. Once I get my tools reorganized, I'll be able to organize my projects. I'm getting there!

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